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Oracle® Access Manager Integration Guide
10g (

Part Number E10356-01
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What's New in Oracle Access Manager?

1 Introduction

Part I Integration with Oracle Applications and Middleware

2 Integrating the Apache v1.3 and Oracle HTTP Server

3 Integrating the Oracle Virtual Directory

4 Integrating with Oracle Application Servers

5 Federated Single Sign-On Using Oracle Identity Federation

6 Integrating Oracle Identity Management

7 Integrating Siebel 7

8 Integrating PeopleSoft

9 Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite

Part II Integration with Third-Party Applications

10 Integrating the Security Provider for WebLogic SSPI

11 Integrating with IBM WebSphere

12 Integrating Plumtree Corporate Portal

13 Integrating mySAP Applications

14 Integrating the RSA SecurID Authentication Plug-In

15 Integrating Smart Cards

16 Single Sign-On for Lotus Domino

17 Integrating SharePoint Server

18 Integrating With ASP.NET

19 Integrating Authorization Manager Services

20 Enabling Impersonation with the Access System

21 Integrating With the Content Management Server

Part III Appendices

A Configuring Logout