BEA WebLogic Server 10.0 Security Schema Reference
element self-tuning-thread-pool-size-min

<self-tuning-thread-pool-size-min>annonymous type derived from int</self-tuning-thread-pool-size-min>
Disallowed substitutions (block)
none (extensions, restrictions and substitutions are allowed)
Substitution group exclusion (final)
none (extensions and restrictions are allowed)
<p>Get the minimum thread pool size of the self-tuning thread pool.</p>
 The self-tuning thread pool starts with the default size of 1. It grows
 and shrinks automatically as required. Setting this attribute changes the
 default min pool size. The thread count will never shrink below this value.
 It can add threads to improve throughput but will never decrease below the
 set minimum.
 This attribute is used only when {@link #setUse81StyleExecuteQueues}
 is turned off which is the default.
 ( Attribute=getSelfTuningThreadPoolSizeMin)
Fundamental Facets
equality, numeric, bounded, totaly ordered, countable infinite value space
White Space Processing
Pattern Facet
Digits Facets
fraction digits: 0
BEA WebLogic Server 10.0 Security Schema Reference

Version: 10.0