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Oracle® VM Template Builder Installation and User's Guide
Release 2.1

Part Number E14391-01
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8 Deploying Templates

This Chapter describes the Oracle VM template deployment process. This Chapter contains:

8.1 Template Format and Location

When you have created and built a template, Oracle VM Template Builder creates an archive (in .tar.gz format) of the template and saves it on the Oracle VM Template Builder guest virtual machine. You can access templates using the links in the Download column of the Template Projects table on the Templates screen. The links to the templates are in the format:


Oracle VM Template Builder also creates a directory in which the system.img and vm.cfg file are located:


8.2 Deploying Templates

To deploy an Oracle VM template using Oracle VM Manager, either:

For more information on deploying templates in Oracle VM Manager, see the Oracle VM Manager User's Guide.

8.3 Guest Virtual Machine Configuration

When you start a guest virtual machine for the first time, you are prompted to enter information about the guest's network configuration. The following configuration questions are displayed:

Do you want to enable dynamic IP configuration (DHCP) (Y|n)

Enter n and press Enter to manually assign an IP address.

Enter Y and Press Enter to enable DHCP and have an IP address automatically assigned.

If you select to use DHCP, the following question is displayed:

Do you want to manually configure the hostname (y|n)? [n]

Enter y to enter a host name, and n if you do not want to enter a host name, and press Enter. If you entered y, the following question is displayed:

Enter hostname (e.g.

Enter a host name and press Enter.

If you selected to manually assign an IP address, you are prompted to enter the IP address, netmask, gateway and DNS server:

Enter static IP address:
Enter netmask
Enter gateway:
Enter DNS server:

Enter your network information and press Enter after each entry. You are prompted to enter a host name for the guest virtual machine:

Enter hostname (e.g.

Enter a host name and press Enter.

The guest virtual machine configuration is complete.

The operating system login prompt is displayed.


The default operating system username and password for guest virtual machines created from templates built with Oracle VM Template Builder is:

Username: root

Password: ovsroot