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Specifying the Oracle Wallet Location

To use database encryption, you must specify an Oracle Wallet Location in the sqlnet.ora configuration file before creating the database instance.

After creating the database instance, the security administrator creates a wallet and sets a master key. The external security module stores encryption keys in the Oracle Wallet specified in the sqlnet.ora configuration file.

This task is a step in Process of Implementing Transparent Data Encryption and inProcess of Implementing Tablespace Encryption.

Follow these steps to specify an Oracle Wallet location in the sqlnet.ora configuration file.

To specify the Oracle Wallet location

  1. Change to the network administration directory of your Oracle Self-Service E-Billing database server, for example:
    • UNIX. $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin
    • Windows. %ORACLE_HOME%\network\admin
  2. Open the sqlnet.ora file, and use the ENCRYPTION_WALLET_LOCATION parameter to specify the Oracle Wallet Location.

    The following example shows a sqlnet.ora file that uses the /export/home/oracle11/wallet directory as the Oracle Wallet Location:








    CAUTION:  The wallet location directory must have an absolute path, end with right parentheses, and be an existing directory. Verify that there are no invisible characters at the end of the directory path; this can cause Oracle not to recognize the directory.

  3. Save and close the sqlnet.ora file.
  4. Specify the same Oracle Wallet location directory in the file, found in the EDX_HOME/db/ebilling/oracle directory (or the EDX_HOME\db\ebilling\oracle directory on Windows)

    Find the ENCRYPTION_WALLET_LOCN parameter in the file, and set the same value as you set in the sqlnet.ora file:


  5. Save and close the file.
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