6 Known Issues

The following are known issues associated with this release of the connector:

  • Bug 18668482

    IDOCs are picked by SAP HRMS listener but stay in data received state for long.

  • Bug 8510259

    As mentioned earlier in this guide, only infotypes in which at least one attribute has been modified are sent to Oracle Identity Manager during incremental reconciliation. If the organization ID of the user is changed, then mandatory attributes, such as the first and last names, are not sent to Oracle Identity Manager because these attributes are not in the same infotype as the organization ID. When this happens, the reconciliation event created from the IDoc sent to Oracle Identity Manager remains in the Event Received state.

  • Bug 7207232

    Some Asian languages use multibyte character sets. If the character limit for fields on the target system is specified in bytes, then the number of Asian-language characters that you can enter in a particular field may be less than the number of English-language characters that you can enter in the same field. The following example illustrates this point:

    Suppose you can enter 50 characters of English in the User Last Name field of the target system. If you have configured the target system for the Japanese language, then you would not be able to enter more than 25 characters in the same field.

    See Section 4.2, "Modifying Field Lengths on the OIM User Form" for information about working around this issue.

  • Bug 9410516

    If an event is marked as future dated in SAP HRMS, then this change is propagated to Oracle Identity Manager as an IDoc and a deferred reconciliation event is created. However, if you cancel this future-dated event in SAP HRMS, Oracle Identity Manager still processes the deferred reconciliation event at the scheduled time.

  • Bug 9688099

    On Oracle Identity Manager release 9.1.0.x, suppose a user's manager in SAP HRMS is not an OIM User. When the user's record is reconciled, an OIM User identity is created for the user but the Manager ID field is left empty. On Oracle Identity Manager release 11.1.1, an OIM User identity is not created at all for the user.

  • Bug 13429841


    Whenever any jar is updated/modified, if application server is not restarted then it will throw the following error:

    java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Native Library /usr/local/jco/libsapjco3.so

    java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Native Library /usr/local/jco/libsapjco3.dll

    already loaded in another classloader. It is limitation from SAP JCO.


    Whenever any jar is updated/modified, the application server tries to register SAP destination data provider (SAP JCO) even though it is already registered. Therefore the application server throws an error.


    Restart the application server if any jar is updated or modified in Oracle Identity Manager server.