9 Updating Agents With Policies

Whenever you assign or modify a component, rule set, audit action, and so on, you need to update the related agent(s) before the configuration will go into effect. To do this, use the Update Agents button in the toolbar at the upper right of the screen. This displays the Update Agents screen.Use the Group drop-down menu to filter devices by a specific device group.The Configuration XML link displays the agent's XML-based configuration file in a popup window. This can be used to visually inspect the content that would be sent to the agent if an update agents action is taken.Either select the individual devices for which to update agents and click Update Selected, or click the Update All button to update all agents with the relevant configuration.

When updating agents, the request to update agents goes into a queue and agents are updated as the server has resources to do the updates. If only a few agents are updated, they should be updated very quickly after the request. If you are updating the schedule for thousands of agents, only a few will be updated per second. This helps prevent the server and network from becoming overwhelmed when requesting a large number of updates at once.