I Converting Standalone Oracle Management Agent to Cluster Agent

For using the RAC-related procedures, you must have cluster-compatible Oracle Management Agents (Management Agents) on the cluster nodes, and not standalone Management Agents. However, if the Management Agents on the cluster nodes are indeed standalone Management Agents, then you must convert them to cluster-compatible Management Agents.

This appendix explains how you can convert a standalone Management Agent to a cluster-compatible Management Agent. In particular, this chapter covers the following:

Using Graphical Mode to Convert

To convert a standalone Management Agent to a cluster-compatible Management Agent in a graphical mode, follow these steps:

  1. Meet the prerequisites for installing a Management Agent as described in the Enterprise Manager Grid Control Advanced Installation and Configuration Guide available at:


  2. In Grid Control, click Deployments.

  3. On the Deployments page, from the Agent Installation section, click Install Agent.

  4. On the following page, click Fresh Install.

  5. On the Installation Details page, do the following:

    • In the Source Software section, retain the default selection, that is, Default, from Management Server location.

    • In the Version section, select the appropriate version of the already-installed standalone Management Agents. Note that to use Deployment Procedures, the Management Agents must be at least 10g Release 2 (

    • In the Host section, select the required platform, provide a list of hosts that are part of the cluster, check Cluster Install, click Populate Defaults to automatically specify a list of cluster nodes, and then specify a cluster name.

    • In the OS Credentials section, provide the host credentials.

    • In the Destination section, specify the installation base directory on the nodes that form the cluster.

    • In the Additional Parameters section, supply any other optional parameters you want to run.

    • Click Continue.


    If you see the following error messages on the Prerequisite Details page, ignore them and click Continue to proceed with the installation:
    Some or all Agent home locations(Install base dir/agent10g or Install Base Dir/agent11g) provided are not empty directories
    The Agent Oracle Home ( InstallBaseDir/agent10g or InstallBaseDir/agent11g), is already registered with the inventory
    An agent home exists in the hosts

Using Silent Mode to Convert

To convert a standalone Management Agent to a cluster-compatible Management Agent in a silent mode, invoke the agentca utility using the -f and -c option from the <Agent Oracle home>/bin directory of the standalone Management Agent on each cluster node. Also use the -n option to specify the name of the cluster:

For example:

<Agent Oracle Home>/bin/agentca -f -n <cluster name> -c "{<comma separated cluster node list like node1, node 2…>}"