2 Calendar Server Policy

This chapter provides the following information for the Calendar Server policy:

  • Brief description of the policy

  • Summary of the policy's main properties

  • Default values for the policy: parameters with their default values and objects excluded by default

  • Impact of the policy violation

  • Action to perform when the violation occurs

2.1 Configuration Policies

The configuration policies for the Calendar Server target are:

2.1.1 Calendar Log Level

This policy detects when log level configuration is set too high.

Policy Summary

The following table lists the policy's main properties.

Severity Category Target Type Versions Affected Policy Rule EvaluationFoot 1  Automatically Enabled? Alert Message
Warning Configuration Oracle Calendar Server Oracle Collaboration Suite 10.1.1 The underlying metric has a collection frequency of once every 24 hours. Yes Log level is set too high.

Footnote 1 The policy rule is evaluated each time its underlying cal_conf_metrics metric is collected.


Parameters and Their Default Values


Objects Excluded by Default


Impact of Violation

When the log level is set too high, all unnecessary messages are displayed in the log file. The volume of messages reduces the readability of the log file and increases the risk of missing important messages. Performance is affected because more messages are printed, and due to increase volume of log files, disk space is impacted.


Set log level to FALSE.