8 Installing Oracle Management Service Software Only in Silent Mode and Configuring Later

This chapter explains how you can install only the software binaries of Oracle Management Service (OMS) in silent mode, and configure the installation later. In particular, this chapter covers the following:


The additional OMS you are installing must be installed on the same operating system as the other OMSes. Also ensure that the operating system and the Oracle home of the OMS are patched to the same level as the other OMSes.

Also, do not install the additional OMS on an OCFS file system. This file system is not supported.


Installing Oracle Management Service Software Only and Configuring Later is an approach that enables you to install only the software binaries of Oracle Management Service at one point and configure it at a later point in time to work with an existing, certified Oracle Database that is already configured with Oracle Management Repository (Management Repository). Essentially, the approach has two phases, mainly the installation phase and the configuration phase.

During the installation phase, this approach creates the following in the Oracle Middleware Home:

  • Oracle homes and installs the software binaries for the OMS (Deployed to the existing, certified Oracle WebLogic Server), Oracle Management Agent (Management Agent), and Oracle Web Tier.

  • A common directory (oracle_common) for storing configuration files.

During the configuration phase, this approach does the following:

  • Creates an OMS Instance Base (gc_inst or any other custom name you specify) in the parent directory of the Oracle Middleware Home.

  • Applies OMS-related and Management Agent-related one-off patches.

  • Configures the OMS, the Management Agent, the Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) if you chose to configure it, and the System Monitoring Plug-Ins if they were detected.

This approach is best suited for the following reasons:

  • If you want to install only the software binaries now and configure it later.

  • If your first OMS, which was installed as part of the complete Enterprise Manager system installation, has add-ons.

Before You Begin

Before you begin, keep in mind the points described in Before You Begin.


Before installing the software binaries of OMS in silent mode, ensure that you meet the prerequisites described in Prerequisites.

Install Additional OMS

To install only the software binaries of OMS in silent mode, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the following response file to an accessible location on your local host:


    In this command, <Software_Location> is either <DVD> or <Software_Downloaded_Location>.

  2. Edit the response file and specify appropriate values for the parameters described in Table 6-3.

  3. Invoke the installer:

    ./runInstaller -noconfig -silent -responseFile <absolute_path_to_response_file>/additional_mgmt_service.rsp


    • For Microsoft Windows, invoke setup.exe instead of runInstaller.
    • In Microsoft Windows, if the path to the software download location contains a subdirectory name with two or more words and a space between each of the words, then ensure that the parent directory of such a subdirectory does not contain a file whose name matches with the first word of that subdirectory.

      For example, if the software is downloaded to C:\Documents and Settings, then before you invoke setup.exe, ensure that there are no files titled Documents (for example, shortcut files such as C:\Documents) in the C:\ drive.

Install Add-Ons


Follow the steps outlined in this section only if you want to install add-ons to your additional OMS. Otherwise, skip this section and move to the next section.

After you install the software binaries of OMS, follow these steps to install the 11g Release 1 add-ons:

  1. Create a response file titled addon_oms.rsp with the following details:

    DEINSTALL_LIST={"<add-on oms component name>","<add-on oms component version>"}
    TOPLEVEL_COMPONENT={"<add-on oms component name>","<add-on oms component version>"}
    ORACLE_HOME=<OMS OracleHome>
    ORACLE_HOME_NAME=<name of the Oracle Home>
    EM_REPOS_DBA_PWD="<Repository SYS password>"
    DATABASE_HOSTNAME=<Repository Host name>
    LISTENER_PORT=<Repository Port>
  2. Run the following command from the Oracle home of the OMS and pass the response file to install the add-ons:

    $<ORACLE_HOME>/oui/bin/runInstaller -noconfig -silent -responseFile <absolute_path_to_location>

After You Install OMS

(For UNIX Only) Log in as a root user in a new terminal and run the allroot.sh script from the Oracle home of the OMS (for example, oms11g):


Configure OMS

To configure Enterprise Manager Grid Control, do the following:

  1. If the environment variable PERL5LIB is set in your environment, then unset it.

  2. Run the ConfigureGC.pl script from the Oracle home of the OMS (oms11g):

    $<ORACLE_HOME>/perl/bin/perl <ORACLE_HOME>/sysman/install/ConfigureGC.pl


After You Configure OMS

After you configure the additional OMS, follow these steps outlined in After You Configure OMS.