33 Using Enterprise Manager Grid Control

This chapter describes how you can get started with using Enterprise Manager Grid Control. In particular, this chapter covers the following:

Accessing Enterprise Manager Grid Control

You can access Enterprise Manager Grid Control using the following URL:


If you have secured the communications, then use HTTPS protocol. For information about default upload and console ports, see What Ports Are Used for Installation?.

Logging In

You can log in using the default super administrator account, SYSMAN, that is created with the password you specified during the installation.

Enabling or Disabling Licenses

Before you begin using Enterprise Manager Grid Control, you must first set the access levels according to your licensing agreement with Oracle. To do this, perform the following steps using a super administrator account, such as SYSMAN.

  1. After you log in using SYSMAN, in the Grid Control, click Setup, then Management Pack Access.

  2. On the Management Pack Access page, from the View Options section, select Licensable Targets.

  3. For Pack Access, select Pack Based Batch Update.

  4. If you want to enable a pack, then in the Available Packs selection pane, do the following:

    1. From the Type list, select All Licensable Targets.

    2. From the selection pane, select a pack you want to enable.

    3. Click Move.

    4. For Access, select Enable.

    5. Click Apply.

  5. If you want to disable a pack, then in the Selected Packs selection pane:

    1. Select a pack you want to disable.

    2. Click Remove.

    3. For Access, select Disable.

    4. Click Apply.


    Once a pack is disabled, the function associated with the selected pack is no longer available for any targets managed by Enterprise Manager Grid Control.

Accessing Online Help

Almost every page in Enterprise Manager Grid Control has an online help topic associated with it. If you need information about the page or the use cases supported by a particular functionality exposed by the page, then click Help on that screen.