20 Frequently Asked Questions About ADP

This chapter answers frequently asked questions regarding Application Dependency and Performance.

This chapter includes the following sections:

How Many Resources Can Be Added to the ADP Manager?

There is a default resource limit set in the Acsera.properties file to 2 resources. This is done to prevent overwhelming the default memory configuration of the CAMM manager. Edit Acsera.properties and search for "ResourceLimit". Change the value from 2 to your desired limit, or 0 for unlimited. After doing this, you will need to restart the manager. You should check the manager log prior to this to ensure that you have adequate free memory to accommodate additional resources.

Can I Erase the darchive Directory?

In general, you should not erase the darchive directory while the CAMM manager is running. If you erase the darchive directory after shutting down the CAMM manager, the darchive directory will be re-populated when the CAMM manager next restarts.

If the size of the darchive directory is of concern, determine which subdirectories are occupying the most space, in particular the server_archive directory. If there are large directories that do not contain Java class files (for example ., .., or wlserver10.3), modify the Acsera.properties file to exclude them. Search for Model.StaticAnalysis.ExcludeClassPaths and add the path to the list, separated by comma.

How Do I Undeploy the Agent?

Undeploy the agent using the same interface you used to deploy the agent. There is a drop-down menu in the last step in the deployment process that, by default, is set to deploy. Change it to disable to remove the agent startup arguments from the application servers, and to remove to erase the agent files from the application servers.