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What's New in Data Cartridges?

Part I Introduction

1 Introduction to Data Cartridges

2 Roadmap to Building a Data Cartridge

Part II Building Data Cartridges

3 Defining Object Types

4 Implementing Data Cartridges in PL/SQL

5 Implementing Data Cartridges in C, C++, and Java

6 Working with Multimedia Data Types

7 Using Extensible Indexing

8 Building Domain Indexes

9 Defining Operators

10 Using Extensible Optimizer

11 Using User-Defined Aggregate Functions

12 Using Cartridge Services

13 Using Pipelined and Parallel Table Functions

14 Designing Data Cartridges

Part III Scenarios and Examples

15 Power Demand Cartridge Example

16 PSBTREE: Extensible Indexing Example

17 Pipelined Table Functions: Interface Approach Example

Part IV Reference

18 Cartridge Services Using C, C++ and Java

19 Extensibility Constants, Types, and Mappings

20 Extensible Indexing Interface

21 Extensible Optimizer Interface

22 User-Defined Aggregate Functions Interface

23 Pipelined and Parallel Table Functions

A User-Managed Local Domain Indexes