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This screen capture shows the Step 3: Select data access and media column(s) page.

Select the column or columns to which media data is to be uploaded from the following list of media columns found in the PHOTOS table. If the table contains multiple media columns, you may select multiple columns to allow more than one media item to be uploaded from a single HTML form. Two columns are listed: THUMBNAIL (ORDIMAGE) and PHOTO (ORDIMAGE). The PHOTO (ORDIMAGE) column box is selected.

Select the column to be used to locate the media data from the following list of columns found in the PHOTOS table. Two columns are listed: ID (Primary key) and DESCRIPTION. The ID (Primary key) column button is selected.

Choose how the generated procedure will access the table to store uploaded media data. You may choose to insert a new row into the table, to update an existing row in the table, or to conditionally insert a new row if an existing row does not exist. The Conditional insert or update row button is selected.

The following actions can be selected: