Viewing Reports

When isolating an issue within a page, it is important to clearly understand the functions it is performing. To accomplish this goal, Application Builder includes a number of page and application reports.

Viewing Page Reports

To view page reports:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Page Definition. See "Accessing a Page Definition".

  2. Click one of the following buttons at the top of the Page Definition:

Viewing Application Reports

To view application reports:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click the Application Builder icon.

  2. Select an application.

  3. On the Tasks list, click Application Reports.

  4. Select the type of reports to view:

    • Shared Components reports offer information on common elements that can display on every page within an application. Reports are grouped by category including Logic, Navigation, Security, User Interface, Globalization, and Files. Report examples include Application Items, Computations, Breadcrumb Entries, Authentication Schemes, and Shortcuts.

    • Page Components reports offer detailed information on controls and logic that execute when the page is rendered (for example, branches, buttons, computations, items, and regions).

    • Activity Reports offer details about developer activity within the current application. Available reports include Changes by Developer, Changes by Developer by Day, Chart of Changes by Developer, Page Performance, and Recent Changes.

    • Cross Application Reports offer information that apply to multiple applications. Available reports include Application Attributes, Application Comments, Build Options, Build Status and Application Status, Page Component Counts, Security Profiles, Authentication Schemes, and Template Defaults by Application.