Viewing Underlying Database Objects

The Application Express engine renders applications in real time based on data stored in database tables. You can view the database objects for any demonstration application in Object Browser, or by viewing the Application Database Object Dependencies report.

Topics in this section include:

Viewing the Database Object Dependencies Report

The Database Object Dependencies report identifies database objects referenced by the current application. Review this report to determine what objects to move when deploying an application.

To view the Database Object Dependencies report:

  1. Navigate to the Workspace home page.

  2. Click the Application Builder icon.

  3. Select an application.

    The Application home page appears.

  4. On the Tasks list, click Application Reports.

  5. Click Shared Components.

  6. Under Application, click Database Object Dependencies.

  7. Click Compute Dependencies.

  8. To view the components that reference a specific database object, select the Reference Count number.

Viewing Database Objects in Object Browser

To view the database objects in Object Browser:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click SQL Workshop and then Object Browser.

    Object Browser appears.

  2. Select an object type from the Object list in the upper left corner of the page. For example, to view tables, select Tables.

  3. To search for an object name, enter keywords in the search field beneath the Object list.

    A list of matching objects appears.

    Description of demo_obrws_srch.gif follows
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  4. To perform a specific task related to the selected object, select the appropriate task button.

    For example, to modify a column in the DEMO_CUSTOMERS table:

    1. From the Objects list, select Tables.

    2. From the Tables list, select DEMO_CUSTOMERS.

    3. Click Modify Column.

  5. To view additional object details, select a tab beneath the object name. For example, to view the data in the DEMO_CUSTOMERS table:

    1. From the Tables list, select DEMO_CUSTOMERS.

    2. Select the Data tab.

      A report appears that displays the data in the DEMO_CUSTOMERS table appears.

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    Description of the illustration demo_data.gif

See Also:

"Managing Database Objects with Object Browser" in Oracle Application Express SQL Workshop and Utilities Guide