Comparing User Interface Defaults Across Applications

Use the Compare Defaults report to monitor consistency in user interface design across all pages in a single application or multiple applications. Running the Compare Defaults report compares currently defined user interface defaults (or column attributes) against the item attributes set for forms, reports, and tabular forms.

To run the Compare Defaults report:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click the Application Builder icon.

  2. Select an application.

  3. On the Application home page, click Shared Components.

    The Shared Components page appears.

  4. Under User Interface, select User Interface Defaults.

    The User Interface Defaults page appears.

  5. On the Tasks list, click Comparison Report.

    The current schema displays to the right of the breadcrumb menu.

  6. Make sections from the following lists and click Go:

    1. Table/View - Restricts the comparison to the selected table or view.

    2. Column - Select a column in which to search for form, reports, and tabular forms.

  7. Optionally, make sections from the following lists and click Go.

    • Display - Select an attribute category.

    • Application - Select an application.

A report appears containing the following sections:

  • Form Pages Referencing the Selected Column

  • Report Regions Referencing the Selected Column

  • Tabular Form Regions Referencing the Selected Column