Optimizing a Page for Printing

You can optimize a page for printing by creating a specific Printer Friendly template and selecting that template on the Create/Edit Theme page. See "Changing the Default Templates in a Theme".

Generally, a Printer Friendly template optimizes a page for printing. For example, a Printer Friendly template might:

  • Not display tabs or navigation bars

  • Display items as text instead of as form elements

If the theme you select does not include a printer friendly template, you can create a Printer Friendly template by creating a new page template.

Topics in this section include:

Selecting a Printer Friendly Template for an Application

To select a Printer Friendly template:

  1. Navigate to the Themes page:

    1. On the Workspace home page, click Application Builder.

    2. Select an application.

    3. Click Shared Components.

    4. Under User Interface, select Themes.

  2. In the Themes list, click the theme name.

    The Create/Edit Theme page appears.

  3. Scroll down to Component Defaults and locate the Printer Friendly Page list.

  4. Make a selection from the Printer Friendly Page list.

  5. Click Apply Changes.

Using f?p Syntax to Toggle to Printer Friendly Mode

Once you create a Printer Friendly template and select it, you can use f?p syntax to toggle to Printer Friendly mode. Including the ninth f?p syntax argument (PrinterFriendly) renders the page in printer friendly mode (optimizing printed output). For example, you could include this argument when coding a link or creating a navigation bar icon.