Managing Application Models

Running the Create Application Wizard creates an application model. This model contains basic application property values, such as the application pages and page definitions, DML processes, and multi-row operation processes. When you create a new application, you can base it on an existing application model, making the creation process more productive.

This section contains the following topics:

Deleting an Application Model

You can remove unwanted application models on the Application Models page.

To delete an application model:

  1. Navigate to the Workspace home page.

  2. Click Manage Services on the Administration list.

    The Manage Services page appears.

  3. Under Applications, click Application Models.

  4. On the Application Models page:

    • To narrow the results, select the owner and click Go.

    • To search for a model, enter a case insensitive query in the Model field and click Go.

  5. Select the models you want to delete and click Delete Checked.