Leveraging Application Builder Defaults

Application Builder Defaults enable developers to reduce the number of steps needed to create a new application. By configuring these attributes, developers can exit the Create Application Wizard early and can create a new application in two simple steps.

Topics in this section include:

About Application Builder Defaults

Application Builder Defaults are specific to each workspace. These attributes define preferences for tabs, authentication schemes, themes, and globalization when running the Create Application Wizard. When a Workspace administrator configures these attributes, developers within that workspace can utilize these defaults and exit the Create Application Wizard after two easy steps

Configuring Application Builder Defaults

To configure Application Builder Defaults:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click the Application Builder icon.

  2. From the Tasks list, select Application Builder Defaults.

    The Manage Application Builder Defaults page appears.

  3. For each section of the page, select the appropriate default.

  4. To learn more about a specific attribute, click the item label.

    When Help is available, the item label changes to red when you pass your cursor over it and the cursor changes to an arrow and question mark.

  5. Click Apply Changes.