UPDATE Statement Extensions

PL/SQL extends the update_set_clause and where_clause of the SQL UPDATE statement as follows:

  • In the update_set_clause, you can specify a record. For each selected row, the UPDATE statement updates each column with the value of the corresponding record field.

  • In the where_clause, you can specify a CURRENT OF clause, which restricts the UPDATE statement to the current row of the specified cursor.

See Also:

Oracle Database SQL Language Reference for the syntax of the SQL UPDATE statement




Name of a record variable that represents a row of the item described by dml_table_expression_clause. That is, for every column of the row, the record must have a field with a compatible data type. If a column has a NOT NULL constraint, then its corresponding field cannot have a NULL value.


Name of a FOR UPDATE cursor; that is, an explicit cursor associated with a FOR SELECT UPDATE statement.