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What's New in Application Development?

Part I SQL for Application Developers

1 Using SQL Data Types in Database Applications

2 SQL Processing for Application Developers

3 Using Regular Expressions in Database Applications

4 Using Indexes in Database Applications

5 Maintaining Data Integrity in Database Applications

Part II PL/SQL for Application Developers

6 Coding PL/SQL Subprograms and Packages

7 Using PL/Scope

8 Using the PL/SQL Hierarchical Profiler

9 Developing PL/SQL Web Applications

10 Developing PL/SQL Server Pages (PSP)

11 Using Continuous Query Notification (CQN)

Part III Advanced Topics for Application Developers

12 Using Oracle Flashback Technology

13 Choosing a Programming Environment

14 Developing Applications with Multiple Programming Languages

15 Developing Applications with Oracle XA

16 Developing Applications with the Publish-Subscribe Model

17 Using the Identity Code Package

18 Schema Object Dependency

19 Edition-Based Redefinition

A Multithreaded extproc Agent