Structure of RMAN Command Entries

All RMAN commands in Chapter 2, "RMAN Commands: @ (at sign) to QUIT" and Chapter 3, "RMAN Commands: RECOVER to VALIDATE" are organized into the following sections:

Purpose This section provides a brief description of the command and the most common circumstances in which it is used.

Prerequisites This section lists the prerequisites for using the command.

Usage Notes This optional section provides general notes about using the command. Notes specific to a command option are included with the option description.

Syntax The syntax diagrams show the keywords and parameters that compose the statement.


Not all keywords and parameters are valid in all circumstances. Be sure to refer to the "Semantics" section of each statement and clause to learn about any restrictions on the syntax.

Semantics This section describes the purpose of the keywords, parameters, and clauses that compose the syntax, and restrictions and other usage notes that may apply to them. The conventions for keywords and parameters used in this chapter are explained in "Conventions".

Examples This section shows how to use the various clauses and parameters of the statement.

Optional sections following the examples provide more information on how and when to use the statement.