This view lists information about all databases in a Data Guard environment that are known to the recovery catalog. You can use this view to obtain the DB_UNIQUE_NAME value for views which do not have this column.

Column Data Type Description
SITE_KEY NUMBER The unique key of this database. You can join the RC_SITE.SITE_KEY column with the RC_SITE column of other views to determine which DB_UNIQUE_NAME is associated with a backup.
DB_KEY NUMBER The primary key for this database in the recovery catalog. Use this column to join with almost any other catalog view.
DATABASE_ROLE VARCHAR2(7) The role of the database in the Data Guard environment.
CF_CREATE_TIME DATE The creation date of the control file.
DB_UNIQUE_NAME VARCHAR2(30) The DB_UNIQUE_NAME of the database. All databases in a Data Guard environment share the same DBID but different DB_UNIQUE_NAME values.