Shows Revenue Analysis area with Sales - Net Revenue Flown Top 10 Countries Tab. Shows two bar graphs, a line graph, and a table.

Top area includes Year and Month selection boxes.

Shows graph Flown Revenue. This includes a selection box for Year and Month. Y axis shows Rank and Agent Country. X axis shows Flown Revenue, from 0 to 7,000 dollars.

Shows graph with Flown Passenger Count numbers. Includes Year and Month selection boxes. Shows Flown Passenger Count on X axis and Rank, Agent Country on the Y axis.

Shows a line graph for Average Fare. Graph shows Average Fare on Y axis and Year, Month on the X axis.

Table shows data values. The table includes sample data under columns: Year, Month, Agent Country, Rank, Flown Revenue, Flown Revenue LP, Flown Revenue % Change LP, Flown Passenger Count, Flown Passenger Count LP, Flown Passenger Count % Change LP, and Average Fare.