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Oracle® OLAP Java API Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Interface SourceGenerator

public interface SourceGenerator

An interface for an object that produces a Source for a Template. The Source represents a query on the data store or a step in building a query. In producing the Source, a SourceGenerator uses the current state of the data stored in the MetadataState for the Template. The generateSource method of SourceGenerator returns the Source when it is called by the getSource method of a DynamicDefinition for the Template.

To get the Source produced by the generateSource method, do the following:

  1. Create a Template object.
  2. Call the createDynamicDefinition method of the Template and pass it the SourceGenerator.
  3. Call the getSource method of the DynamicDefinition.

A Template can have more than one DynamicDefinition, each with a different SourceGenerator. Each SourceGenerator can a produce different Source object that is based on the same data, as specified by the current state of the MetadataState. However, any specific implementation of SourceGenerator must produce only one type of Source, such as a BooleanSource, a NumberSource, or a StringSource.

The example classes and contain inner classes that implement the SourceGenerator interface. The TopBottomTemplate produces a query and the SingleSelectionTemplate produces a Source that the TopBottomTemplate uses in the process of building the query. For information on those classes and on the TopBottomTest example program that uses them, see Example Oracle OLAP Java API Programs.

See Also:
Template, MetadataState, DynamicDefinition

Method Summary
 Source generateSource(MetadataState state)
          Produces a Source that is based on the current state of the MetadataState object for a Template.


Method Detail


Source generateSource(MetadataState state)
Produces a Source that is based on the current state of the MetadataState object for a Template.
state - The MetadataState whose fields contain the values of the current state of the Template.
A Source that specifies a query or a step in building a query.

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