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Oracle® OLAP Java API Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)


Interface Transaction

public interface Transaction

An interface that represents an OLAP transaction with an Oracle Database instance. An application interacts with the Oracle OLAP Java API implementation of the Transaction interface through a TransactionProvider.

An application creates metadata and Source objects in the context of the current Transaction. Using a TransactionProvider, an application can create a child Transaction. An application can get and save a Transaction and make it the current Transaction as desired.

The changes an application makes in a Transaction do not take effect until the application commits the Transaction. An application can roll back a Transaction to discard the changes instead of committing them.

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Method Summary
 UserSession getUserSession()
          Gets the UserSession that is the owner of this Transaction.


Method Detail


UserSession getUserSession()
Gets the UserSession that is the owner of this Transaction. The UserSession represents the Oracle OLAP session and the connection to the Oracle Database instance.
The UserSession that owns this Transaction.

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