Adds a MODEL (in an aggregation) statement for a specified model into the aggregation map of a cube dimension. The changes made when this program executes are not transactional; an automatic COMMIT is executed as part of the program.


You cannot use this program to modify a cube dimension if a materialized view exists for that cube dimension or any cube in which it participates.


CALL ADD_CUBE_MODEL(logical_cube, logical_dim, model_name, is_static_model, [position ])



Because ADD_CUBE_MODEL is an OLAP DML program with arguments, you invoke it using the OLAP DML CALL statement.


A text expression that is the name of the cube as defined in the Oracle data dictionary.


A text expression that is the Oracle data dictionary name of the cube dimension being modified.


A text expression that is the name of the logical model that is associated with logical_dim.


A Boolean expression that specifies whether model_name is added before or after the RELATION (for aggregation) statements in the aggmap for logical_cube.

The default value is TRUE which means that the MODEL statement added before the RELATION statements (that is that model_name is a static model).

Specify FALSE if you want the MODEL statement added after the RELATION statements (that is, that model_name is a dynamic model).


An integer that specifies where in the list of either static or dynamic models, the new model is added. For example, if you specify a value of 0 (zero) for position and FALSE for is_static_model, then the model is added as the first dynamic model. The default value of position, is at the end of the list.

When you specify a negative value for position, then the model is added that many positions from the end of the list.


For an example of using ADD_CUBE_MODEL in conjunction with SET_INCLUDED_MODEL, see the Example provided for SET_INCLUDED_MODEL.