The MODEL.COMPRPT program produces a report that shows how model equations are grouped into blocks. For step blocks and for simultaneous blocks with a cross-dimensional dependence, the report lists the dimensions involved in the dependence.




Example 10-62 A Compilation Report for the income.budget Model

The MODEL.COMPRPT program produces a compilation report that shows the block structure of the model that you specify as the program argument and the order of equations within each block. Each equation is identified with the name of the model and its statement number within that model.

The following statements compile the model and invoke MODEL.COMPRPT.

COMPILE income.budget
MODEL.COMPRPT income.budget

The MODEL.COMPRPT statement produces the following compilation report.

                   BLOCK 1 (SIMPLE)
INCOME.BUDGET  4:  revenue = lag(revenue, 1, month) * 1.02
INCOME.BUDGET  5:  cogs = lag(cogs, 1, month) * 1.01
INCOME.BUDGET  3:  gross.margin = revenue - cogs
                    BLOCK 2 (STEP-FORWARD <MONTH>)
INCOME.BUDGET  6:   marketing = lag(opr.income, 1, month) * 0.20
INCOME.BUDGET  2:   opr.income = gross.margin - marketing
                    END BLOCK 2
                   END BLOCK 1

Example 10-63 A Compilation Report for the income.est Model

The following statement runs the MODEL.COMPRPT program, which produces a compilation report for a model named income.est.

MODEL.COMPRPT income.est

The compilation report contains the following output.

              BLOCK 1 (STEP-FORWARD <MONTH>)
INCOME.EST 5: revenue = lag(revenue,1,month)+2*lag(marketing,1,month)
INCOME.EST 4: gross.margin = revenue - cogs
               BLOCK 2 (SIMULTANEOUS)
INCOME.EST 2:  net.income = opr.income - taxes
INCOME.EST 3:  opr.income = gross.margin - marketing - selling - r.d
INCOME.EST 6:  marketing = .15 * net.income
INCOME.EST 7:  taxes = .3 * opr.income
               END BLOCK 2
              END BLOCK 1