8 OLAP DML Functions: L - Z

This chapter provides reference topics for the second set (in alphabetical order) of the OLAP DML functions. There is one topic for each of the OLAP DML functions that begins with the letters L-Z, beginning with LAG.

Alphabetical and categorical listings of the OLAP DML functions and reference topics for the remaining OLAP DML functions appear in Chapter 7, "OLAP DML Functions: A - K".

For other OLAP DML reference topics, see Chapter 4, "OLAP DML Properties", Chapter 5, "OLAP DML Options", Chapter 9, "OLAP DML Commands: A-G", and Chapter 10, "OLAP DML Commands: H-Z".


Many OLAP DML statements can be coded as a 3-character abbreviation that consists of the first letter of the statement plus the next two consonants.