The AWWAITTIME option holds the number of seconds that an AW ATTACH command with the WAIT keyword waits for an analytic workspace to become available for access. The default value of AWWAITTIME is 20 seconds.

Data Type



AWWAITTIME = seconds



The number of seconds to wait for an analytic workspace to be available. The default value is 20 seconds.

Usage Notes

Workspace Sharing

When your user ID has the appropriate access rights and that no user has read/write exclusive access to the workspace, you can get read-only access to an analytic workspace, no matter how many other users are using it. When another user has read/write access and commits the workspace, your view of the workspace does not change; you must detach and reattach the workspace to see the changes.


Example 5-3 Specifying a Wait Time of One Minutes

Assume that you want to wait for 60 seconds when attaching an analytic workspace. To do wo reset the value of the AWWAITTIME option by issuing the following statement.