NLS_INITCAP returns a string in which each word begins with a capital followed by lower-case letters. White space and nonalphanumeric characters delimit the words.

Return Value



NLS_INITCAP (char [, 'nlsparam' ])


char can be any text string.

nlsparam can have the form 'NLS_SORT =sort' where sort is either a linguistic sort sequence or BINARY. The linguistic sort sequence handles special linguistic requirements for case conversions. These requirements can result in a return value of a different length than char. If you omit nlsparam, then this function uses the default sort sequence for your session.


NLS_INITCAP('WALKING&THROUGH*A*winter wonderland') returns the value Walking#Through*A*Winter Wonderland.

NLS_INITCAP('ijsland') returns the value Ijsland, but NLS_INITCAP(NLS_INITCAP('ijsland', 'NLS_SORT = XDutch') returns IJsland.