This screenshot shows a mapping that contains operators. At the top is the CUSTOMERS table. Below this table, on the left of the image, is the NAME_AND_ADDRESS operator. There is an arrow from CUSTOMERS to NAME_AND_ADDRESS. To the right of NAME_AND_ADDRESS is the SPLITTER operator that contains the following: INGRP1, OUTGRP1, OUTGRP2, and REMAINING_ROWS. There is an arrow from the columns FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME in the NAME_AND_ADDRESS operator to the INDRP1 of the SPLITTER operator. To the right of the SPLITTER operator, are three operators, CUSTOMERS_GOOD, NOT_PARSED, and PARSED_NOT_FOUND. There is an arrow from OUTGRP1 in SPLITTER to CUSOMERS_GOOD, OUTGRP2 in SPLITTER to NOT_PARSED, and REMAINING_ROWS to PARSED_NOT_FOUND.