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Part I Data Modeling

1 Designing Source and Target Schemas

2 Creating Relational Data Objects

3 Defining Dimensional Objects

Part II Performing ETL

4 Overview of Transforming Data

5 Creating PL/SQL Mappings

6 Performing ETL Using Dimensional Objects

7 Using SQL*Loader, SAP, and Code Template Mappings

8 Designing Process Flows

9 Defining Custom Transformations

10 Understanding Performance and Advanced ETL Concepts

11 Scheduling ETL Jobs

12 Deploying to Target Schemas and Executing ETL Logic

13 Auditing Deployments and Executions

14 Managing Metadata Dependencies

15 Troubleshooting and Error Handling for ETL Designs

16 Creating and Consuming Web Services in Oracle Warehouse Builder

17 Moving Large Volumes of Data Using Transportable Modules

Part III Data Profiling and Data Quality

18 Performing Data Profiling

19 Designing and Deriving Data Rules

20 Monitoring Quality with Data Auditors and Data Rules

21 Data Cleansing and Correction with Data Rules

22 Name and Address Cleansing

23 Matching, Merging, and Deduplication

Part IV Reference

24 Mappings and Process Flows Reference

25 Source and Target Operators

26 Data Flow Operators

27 Activities in Process Flows

28 Oracle Warehouse BuilderTransformations Reference

29 Oracle Warehouse Builder Code Template Tools and Substitution Methods Reference