This command will list the values for all set OMBPlus environment variables. OMBPlus environment variables are regular Tcl variables, so they can be set using standard Tcl "set" command, and unset using standard "unset" command.




parseEnvironmentCommand =  OMBENV



Specify environment command. The environment variables recognized by OMBPlus are:

OMBPROMPT if set, will display the current context as the prompt

OMBLOG if set with a file name, will log the output to that file

OMBTIMER if set, will display the time taken by the executed command. Note that the elapsed time will be appended to the command result, therefore the user should not set this variable when the result of the command is expected to be processed

OMBCONTINUE_ON_ERROR if set, will continue the execution of the script, even when some OMB commands fail. Note that if this variable is set, OMB commands no longer return Tcl errors, so any enclosing 'catch' command will not be effective.