The screenshot shows the Manage Resources page for Oracle Clusterware. At the top of the page, on the right-hand side is the date and a Refresh button. The introductory text for this page says "Oracle Clusterware provides high availability framework to protect any application that is registered with the Clusterware. You can create, administer and monitor the Clusterware resources using this interface."

Following this text is the Resources field, which displays the value 38, followed by a breakdown: (21 up (indicated by a green arrow pointing up) 17 down (indicated by a red arrow pointing down)). The description of this field says "Including Oracle Resources".

Below the Resources field is a Search text entry field, followed by a Go button and an Advanced Search link. Below the Search field is a check box labeled Show Oracle Resources.

At the top of the table of resources, on the right-hand side are 2 buttons: Add Resource and Add Application VIP. At the top of the table of resources, on the left-hand side are 6 buttons: View, Edit, Remove, Start, Stop, and Relocate. Below these buttons are 4 links: Select All, Select None, Show All Details, and Hide All Details.

The table has 9 columns and 2 rows. The columns are named, from left to right: Select, Details, Name, Cardinality, Current State /, Target State, Running Hosts, Resource Type, and Owner. The table depicted in the screenshot contains only 2 rows, with the following values:

End of description.