The screenshot shows the Top Consumers page. At the top of the page there are 6 subtabs: Overview, Top Services, Top Modules, Top Actions, Top Clients, and Top Sessions. The Overview subtab is selected.

There are 4 pie charts displayed in the screenshot: Top Services, Top Modules (by Service), Top Clients, and Top Actions (by Module) (by Service).

The Top Services chart has 50.3% for service2 and 49.2% for The other services listed in the legend are SYS$BACKGROUND(0.4%) and SYS$USERS(0.1%).

The Top Modules chart has 50.3% for SQL*Plus (service2) and 48.9% for SQL*Plus ( The other modules listed in the legend are Unnamed (SYS$BACKGROUND) at 0.4%, OEM.DefaultPool ( at 0.3%, and Realtime Connection (SYS$USERS) at 0.1%.

The Top Clients chart has 99.7% for Unnamed and 0.3% for SYS@ (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows).

The Top Actions chart has 50.3% for Unnamed (SQL*Plus) (service2) and 48.9% for Unnamed (SQL*Plus) ( The other actions listed in the legend are Unnamed (Unnamed) (SYS$BACKGROUND) at 0.4%, /rac/racSitemap (OEM.DefaultPool)( at 0.3%, and Unnamed (Realtime Connection) (SYS$USERS) at 01.%.

End of description.