The screenshot shows a portion of the Top Segments page. At the top, on the right-hand side is the date at which the data was last collected, followed by a Refresh button. The introductory text on the screen says "This table contains statistics collected for each segment. Only the top 20 segments are listed based on the selected Order By statistic."

Below this text, on the left-hand side, is the Order By action list, which currently has the value GC Current Blocks Received selected. To its right is the View Instance action list, with the value All selected, and the View Data action list, with the value Real Time: 15 Second Refresh selected.

Below the Order By action list is the "Exclude segments owned by SYS (Recommended)" option, which is selected.

For the list of Top Segments, 6 columns are shown in the screenshot. They are: Object Name, Type, Instance Name, GC Current Blocks Received, GC CR Blocks Received, and GC Buffer Busy. There are 5 rows shown in the table. They are, from top to bottom:

End of description.