The screenshot shows the Top Consumers page. There are 6 subtabs on this page: Overview, Top Services, Top Modules, Top Actions, Top Clients, and Top Sessions (selected).

At the top of the Top Sessions subpage are 4 buttons. They are labeled, from left to right: Kill Session, View, Disable SQL Trace, and Enable SQL Trace. Below these buttons is the table of the top sessions in the database instance.

The portion of the table displayed has 13 columns and 6 rows. The columns are labeled, from left to right: Select, SID, DB User, CPU (1/100 sec), PGA Memory (bytes), Physical Reads, Logical Reads, Hard Parses, Total Parses, Disk Sorts, user commits, Status, and Program.

The first row in the table is selected. The SID is 52 (hyperlinked). The CPU is 0 and the PGA Memory is 1802544 bytes. It has 0 physical reads and 1273089 logical reads. It has no hard parses, total parses, disk sorts, or user commits. Its status is ACTIVE, and the program is (TNS V1-V3). The other rows in the table contain similar data.

End of description.