The screenshot shows the top portion of the Create Service page. The text on the page says 'Define a highly available service by specifying preferred and available instances. You can also specify service properties to customize failover mechanisms, monitoring thresholds and resource management.'

The first field in the page is the Service Name field, which has the value DEVUSERS.

Under the Service Name field is the option "Start service after creation", which is selected. Under the Service name option is the Update local naming parameter (tnsnames.ora) file option, which is also checked.

At the bottom of the screenshot is the High Availability Configuration section. You can select whether the service you are creating is a Uniform service (available on all nodes), or a Singleton service (available on one of the active servers). In the screenshot, the DEVUSERS service is configured as a Uniform service. You can also specify the server pool associated with this service, or create a new server pool. In the screenshot, the DEVUSERS service is associated with the ora.backoffice server pool.

End of description.