This illustration shows a flowchart with the following information:

Question: What type of replication site? Choices: Master or Materialized View

If master, then complete the following steps:

  1. Set Up Master Sites (see Chapter 2).

  2. Create a Master Group (see Chapter 3).

    Question: Are data conflicts possible? Choices: Yes or No

    If yes, complete Step 3. If no, end.

  3. Configure conflict resolution methods on master (see Chapter 6).

If materialized view, then complete the following steps:

Question: Does the master site for the materialized view site exist? Choices: Yes or No.

If yes, complete the following steps. If no, complete the previous steps to set up a master site.

  1. Set Up Materialized View Sites (see Chapter 2).

    Question: How do you want to build the environment? Choices: At Master Site with Deployment Template or At Materialized View Site

  2. If at master site with deployment template, then create deployment template (see Chapter 4).

    If at materialized view site, then create materialized view group (see Chapter 5).

  3. If at master site with deployment template, then package for instantiation and instantiate deployment template (see Chapter 4).

All of these steps are explained in detail in Chapter 2 through Chapter 6.