This screenshot shows Enterprise Manager Fast Start Failover for Data Guard information.

The top of the page shows the following tabs:

My Oracle Support

The main area includes Data Guard information for: Overview, Primary Cluster Database, Standby Databases, and a Standby Database Progress Summary area.

Overview includes: Data Guard status showing Normal, Protection Mode, as Maximum Availability, Fast-Start Failover: Enabled to, and Observer Location, a hostname.

Primary Cluster Database includes: Name:, Cluster, cluster name, Data Guard Status: Normal, Current Log: Multiple Threads, Properties: Edit.

The Standby Database Progress Summary shows a graph with seconds and no values.

The Standby Databases area includes a button, Add Standby Database, and a list with exiting standby databases. The list includes buttons: Edit, Remove, Switchover, Failover, and Convert. The fields (and values) in the list are: Select (selected), Name (, Cluster (name), Data Guard Status (Normal), Role, Real-Time Query(Enabled), Last Received Log(Multiple Threads), Last Applied Log(Multiple Threads), and Estimated Failover Time (< 1 second).