This is a screenshot of the Enterprise Manager Grid Control home page.

The top of the page shows the following tabs:

My Oracle Support

Beneath the tabs the page is divided vertically down the middle into two main areas: Overview area on the left and a Target Search and details about Alerts, Policy Violations, Deployments, and Resource area on the right. An availability pie chart is on the upper left side of the Overview page. A View dropdown menu in this area shows "All Targets". Below the pie chart is a list of All Targets Policy Violations and All Targets Alerts (Critical, Warning, Errors) and the number of each kind of alert. Below the list All Targets Alerts is All Targets Jobs, with the number of Problem Executions, Action Required Executions, and Suspended Executions in the last 7 days.

On the upper right side of the page, the Target Search area contains search fields for targets. Below Target Search is the Security Policy Violations area and Recommended Security Patches details.

Next is Deployments Summary with a View menu. Below Deployments Summary is a table containing a list of database versions, the number of targets for each, the number of installations, and the number of interim patches applied.

Below the database installations table, Resource Center provides links to related information.