This shows an example of the Reorganize Objects Wizard in Oracle Enterprise Manager.

The top of the figure shows the following tabs:

My Oracle Support

Targets tab is selected and the page shows the Objects part of the wizard. You can use this wizard as an alternative to calling the DBMS_REDEFINITION package manually.

This pages shows the Objects: Set Attributes page. This includes the Cancel and OK buttons. The following labels and values are shown: Cluster Database: dbm, Logged In As: sys, Object Name: SOE.INVENTORIES, Type: Table.

There are two tabs: General and Storage, with General showing. This includes a radio button to select either: Leave object in current tablespace (selected), or Relocate object to another tablespace with a text entry area and a browse icon.

, After answering a few questions, Oracle Enterprise Manager generates the script and then performs the reorganization.