Shows the Metric and Policy Page settings page.

The illustration shows the Enterprise Manager page for Metric and Policy Settings. The page shows the following tabs:HomeTargetsDeploymentsAlertsComplianceJobsReportsMy Oracle SupportThe Targets tab is selected and shows the Metrics and Policy Settings page with Metrics Thresholds tab (there is also a Policies tab not showing). There is a menu View, with Metrics and Thresholds selected.The first column contains a list of Metrics for which you can set thresholds. There are 23 samples metrics shown in the list. The next column is Operator where you can select an operator such as "<" or ">=". The next two columns are for Warning threshold and Critical thresholds, respectively and contain values. The next column shows Corrective Actions and has the value none for all values in the table. The next column displays the Collection Schedule; the schedule for collecting the metric. The last column shows an icon with one or multiple pencils: a group of pencils indicates that the metric is monitoring multiple objects that can each have their own thresholds; a single pencil indicates the metric monitors a single object at a single set of thresholds