The screen shot shows Policy Trend Overview page.

The page contains the following information:

At the top of the page are the following tabs:

My Oracle Support

The Targets tab is selected.

The page shown is the Policy Trend Overview. The top area includes two pie charts:

New Violations By Category for Last 24 Hours:

98% Security (62), 2% Configuration(1)

New Violations By Target Type for Last 24 Hours:

71% Cluster Database (45), 29% Database Instance (18)

Trend Overview for Last 24 hours area that includes a selector for Category and Target Type and a Go button. This area includes a table and three charts:

Policy Violations table: with columns: Severity, Current, Last 24 Hours Cleared and New, Distinct Policies Violated.

Violation Count By Severity chart: Shown are values from 0 to 120 over the time period of the last two days, June 16 to June 17. Values in chart are for Informational violations (blue), Warning violations (yellow), and Critical Violations (red).

Compliance Score (%) Graph: Shows a graph with four values over time. Graph shows 0 to 100 on y axis with dates on x-axis. The four values over time are all the same at about 95, with a line between them.

Number of Member Targets by Compliance Score chart: Shows y-axis with values 0.0 to 3.5. Shows x-axis with values over time for two days, June 16 to June 17. Four bar graphs over this period show same value, in the range 81 to 100% (shown in light green).