This screenshot shows the Recommendations section of the Performance Finding Details page.

Underneath the section title is the following left-justified button: Schedule SQL Tuning Advisor.

The following left-justified links are shown in a row: Select All, Select None, Show All Details, Hide All Details.

Underneath the row of links is a table. The table contains the following columns: Select, Details, Category, and Benefit (%). Values in the Details column are displayed as a collapsible navigation tree. Values in the Benefit column are displayed as a horizontal bar chart with an associated number.

3 rows are shown in the table. The values of row 1 are: null, Hide, SQL Tuning, and 39.5. Row 2 shows the Action to be performed for the recommendation in row 1. The action is: "Investigate the SELECT statement with SQL_ID '31h2wmu3q47u6' for possible performance improvements. You can supplement the information given here with an ASH report for this SQL_ID." Five rationales are shown under Action.

The values of row 3 are: null (a checked box is shown), Show, SQL Tuning, and 25.6. The values of row 4 are: null (a checked box is shown), Show, SQL Tuning, and 18.6.

End of description.