Data from the two periods compared are shown under the General subpage in the Compare Periods: Results page.

The table has the following columns: Name, First Period Metric Ratio, Second Period Metric Ratio, First Period Value, Second Period Value, First Period Rate Per Second, Second Period Rate Per Second.

Some metrics show null, null, 0, 0, 0, 0. These rows are: DB cpu, global cache cr block receive time, global cache cr blocks received, global cache current block receive time, global cache current blocks received, global cache get time, global cache gets.

Row 2 has the following values: DB time (seconds), (small bar), null, 13263.84, 10360.69, 3.70, 2.85.

Row 3 has the following values: db block changes, (short bar), null, 64654.00, 55517.00, 17.88, 15.36.

Row 4 has the following values: execute count, (bar extending half through column), null, 1043192, 40113, 288.41, 11.10.

End of description.