This is a screenshot of the Automated Maintenance Tasks page. At the top of the page on the left-hand side, there is a Status display (currently showing Enabled) and a Configure button. Below the status is text which reads "Tip: If the status is Disabled, there are no future windows." At the top of the page on the right-hand side is a Begin Date field (currently showing Sep 9, 2009), a calendar icon button, an Interval list (currently showing 7 Days), and a Go button.

In the middle of the page is a table with two columns. The first column is labeled Task Name and the second column is labeled Time. There are 3 rows corresponding to the tasks Optimizer Statistics Gathering, Segment Advisor (hyperlinked), and Automatic SQL Tuning (yperlinked). The Time column for each row shows a bar chart where each bar segment represents a window of execution for that task. At the bottom of the chart is a timeline that measures the hours of the day, starting with 9 AM and having tick marks labeled with the hour every 60 minutes.

At the bottom of the screenshot is the graph legend. Time intervals colored green represent Executed Tasks, time intervals colored navy blue represent Past Windows, and time intervals colored blue represent Future Windows.

End of description.