This screenshot includes fields and options that enable you to define a disk group. Included is a table of disks. For each disk, the following fields are included: disk path, header status, library, label, ASM disk name, size, size unit, failure group, and a force option. A checkbox to the left of each disk enables you to include the disk in the disk group being created. In this screenshot, only candidate disks are displayed (disks with header status of FORMER and CANDIDATE). A Select Member Disks list enables you to display all discovered disks. Above the table of disks are these fields, arranged vertically: Name, Redundancy (a group of three horizontally arranged radio buttons named HIGH, NORMAL, and EXTERNAL) and Allocation Unit (MB), which is currently set to the value 1. Underneath the Allocation Unit field is the following descriptive text: "An allocation unit (AU) is the fundamental unit in which contiguous disk space is allocated to ASM files. ASM file extent size is a multiple of AUs. The AU size cannot be modified later."

End of description.