The screenshot shows the Quick Packaging: Create New Package page. At the top of the page is an indicator image that has 4 circles, the first one colored in. The remaining circles are empty. The circles are labeled (from left to right) Create New Package, View Contents, View Manifest, and Schedule. On the right-hand side of the page, near the top are two buttons, Cancel, followed by the text "Step 1 of 4", and then a Next button.

Under the page title is the following information:

Below this information is the following note: "Use quick packaging to generate an upload file for a single-problem and send it to Oracle with default options. If Oracle Configuration Manager is not set up, then the upload file will still be created but it will not be sent to Oracle."

Below the note are 5 text entry fields, an action list, and a two pairs of option buttons. They are (listed in order from top to bottom):

End of description.